When do I start? And is there a time I need to complete by?

You can register any time. Start here. All units are available for free.

You can complete the course in your own time. There is no deadline for completion.

Each unit has a recommended number of hours to complete. You can spread this time over a few weeks… or a few days.

Why can't I see more than one lesson per course?

When you are not logged in you can only access the first lesson of each course.

In order to avoid this you can log in here.

If you do not have an account, you can register here.

How do I login and start the course?

Assuming you have registered for the course, choose the unit you would like to study and then click on the ‘take this course’ button.

If you are not registered, you can only preview the first lesson of each unit.

How do I track my progress on the course?

At the end of each lesson there is a ‘mark complete’ button. You can use this feature to keep track of your progress

How to get bigger captions on the videos?

Desktop: go to Settings (bottom right of the video) / subtitles / options / font size
IPhone: go to Settings / Accessibility / Subtitles & Captioning (Media section at the bottom of the page) and change the style to “Large Text”.
Android’s Youtube app: go to Settings (3 dots on the top-right corner) / Captions / Text size

Where do I check the correct answers for the quiz questions?

At the end of the quiz, there is an option called ‘view questions’. Clicking it will allow you to see all your answers versus the correct ones

Can I re-take a quiz?

Yes, at the end of the quiz you can click on “restart quiz”.

In the Sword of the Spirit series, which "manual" is Pastor Colin Dye referring to in the videos?

The material of the manual in question was updated and later included in the books which are available here.

Can I get a qualification or certificate of completion at the end of a unit?

At the moment, there is no formal qualification available for people who complete. This feature will be added soon

Where do I get the book for this course?

You can get the link to purchase the material for each unit on the main unit page. You can also find it in the “recommended reading” section under the teaching videos.

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