Galatians – No More Law

by Bruce Atkinson

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 About this course:


A no-nonsense, accessible, contemporary online course on Paul’s letter to Galatians by Bruce Atkinson, a foremost Pentecostal pastor & Bible scholar and Associate Minister at Kensinton Temple. The teacher concentrates on the work of the Holy Spirit in the Christian life; walking in the Spirit, how this brings freedom and produces godliness. He maintains a good theological balance between the Word and the Spirit, the gospel and the place of the Mosaic Law, freedom from that Law, but with an emphasis upon our responsibility to live godly lives in today’s world

  • This course contains 15 lessons. Each lesson has a summative 2-3 minutes introduction and a 20 minutes video
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  • We recommend you purchase the book ‘No more law – A bold study in Galatians’ by Bruce Atkinson to complement your online study. You can either buy it on e-book or paperback using the buttons below.

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  1. Rachel leynes

    This topic has been extremely helpful. I can’t believe that halfway through my training here on this topic, before the major revelation, of no more law, i had fallen away by someone else’s teaching on youtube and dined on that and all it did was fill me with pride, anger and fear. right now feeling at peace, hope this peace remains – no more fear amen halleujah amen in jesus’ name amen – thank you jesus amen hallelujah amen