Glory in the Church

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In order to make the most of this course we recommend:

  • Going through all 11 lessons (12 hours): each lesson comprises two to four topics with allocated videos (30 minutes)
  • Getting the ‘Glory in the Church’ book by Colin Dye. You can either buy the e-book or the paperback using the buttons below
  • Completing the practice quiz at the end of each lesson
  • Keeping track of your progress by pressing the ‘mark complete’ button at the end of each topic

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  1. Ruth musundi

    I am enjoying this course very much especially the church,
    The kingdom, isreal & the state.
    There are 2 discussion questions in the student’s handbook (Glory in the church) that is not covered.

    1) How should Kingdom thinking affect the content and purpose of our witnessing and Mission?

    2) How practically has your church’s attitude to the state affected your church’s activities?

    1. Admin

      Hey Ruth, thank you for your comment. We’re pleased to hear you’re enjoying the course.

      We’ll always have a few questions where the answer is not so clearly laid out in the text of the book. The reason behind them is to help you engage with the material you’ve learned and to aid you apply it to your practical walk with Christ. The questions above are part of this category.